Xenophobic? Xenophilic?

Standing Ovation, Seated

Everyone knows what a xenophobe is. It is someone who is unduly fearful of foreigners. As one English movie character nicely put it, when accused of racism towards the French, “I am not racist. Racism comes from ignorance. I am xenophobic. Xenophobia comes from knowledge”.

I can’t say that I like or dislike foreign nations. I appreciate their differences from each other. I don’t necessarily like those differences. So, I am neither a xenophile nor a xenophobe. I am in between the two.

Take the British, who see themselves as the creators, guardians and maintenance crew of human civilization.

UFO enthusiasts believe this role, in fact, belongs to Aliens, who – once in about a thousand years – are turning away from their Earth-monitoring gadgets to talk about human progress with the customary verdict, ‘Erm… I don’t think they are ready for contact yet” ending the debate.

Perhaps, this is why…

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