The internet of things will end expired milk at the store and your free will


If we assume that by 2025 computing will be wearable, ubiquitous in our environments and connected what happens to our society? A recent Pew report out Wednesday on the internet of things seeks to answer this question (I participated in the survey as well). For people who spend a lot of time thinking about the promises and perils of connectivity the results are pretty obvious, but well worth exploring if you don’t spend hours a day pondering the internet of things.

The benefits are pretty well laid out on the utopian end of the spectrum. Connected people and sensors can create just-in time inventory, which means your grocery store will no longer stock expired milk, will offer real-time traffic updates and perhaps help us monitor and improve our environments. But at the dystopian or cautionary end, the privacy implications were at the forefront of most people’s minds as well as the…

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