Malicious COMESA web site attack: Competition Commission hacked 3rd time

African Antitrust & Competition Law

For the third time in a month, the fledgling pan-African antitrust enforcer’s web site has been disabled by hackers

As competition-law attorneys counseling clients on the necessity of notifying mergers in the COMESA jurisdiction, we view these developments with – put mildly – shock.  This is especially true as confidential party data and documents would appear to be at risk of involuntary and malicious disclosure to third, unauthorized parties.  As reported at, the COMESA enforcement agency’s web site has previously been hacked and later simply disabled.

COMESA leadership non-responsive

On both prior occasions, AAT’s editors wrote to the COMESA Competition Commission‘s webmaster, as well as the agency’s leadership (Messrs. George Lipimile and Willard Mwemba), to seek an explanation of the attacks.  We also asked them about the safety of data and other confidential party information submitted to the CCC via its extranet & online document…

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