Let’s talk about computer hackers

About Hacking

A hacker is a men who is searching for weaknesses in computer system and then use them for some cause. The cause is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes in between. Anyhow, this little article is about computer hackers. Who are they, what do they do, and why do they do it.


When speaking in general, hackers can be divided into three different categories:
1.Black Hat hackers
2.Grey Hat hackers and
3.White Hat hackers


The main difference between these categories of hackers is in their ethic and moral point of view regarding the subject of hacking.

White hat hackers are people who try to find flaws and holes in computer security and use that information in a “good way”. If they find some flaw in security that would allow someone to hack a computer system, they would let the owner know that, and they would sometimes help in fixing the…

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