An intelligent Phishing email work – Be aware!

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A slightly different topic this time…

I am writing this post, half in appreciation of a brilliant work of phishing email from some one out there… and other half : to help some one who could fall victim to this malicious intent from that same person(s)!

I got a mail in my gmail account yesterday, asking to verify my gmail account:

Loos so original! Gmail account verification mail that I received

Note that the from email ID is a bit of a giveaway for careful eyes:

it says “gooqle” and is not from “”.

But how many normal gmail users will be noticing those?

Cleverly disguised!

When I clicked on the link to sign-in for verification, I got the following screen (looks quite authentic isn’t it?):

The verification login screen The verification login screen

Hardly anything suspicious here…

But I happened to notice (lucky me!)  the full url here which was like:

Verification screen url

Notice the url with IP address than…

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