Against The Odds, Bunkr Raises $1.4 Million For Its PowerPoint Killer


French startup Bunkr raised $1.4 million (€1 million) from Idinvest Partners, Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely and Free founder Xavier Niel. When I first covered the online presentation service in August 2013, the company told me that it was about to begin raising a seed round. It took a while because French VCs didn’t make it easy for the Rouen-based team.

“Idinvest rarely invests in seed rounds. It’s relatively unusual for them, but they believe in the project,” co-founder and CMO Édouard Petit told me in a phone interview. “In 15 months, we will know for sure what the perfect product experience and use case are. We will be able to continue the adventure at a bigger scale.”

[tc_writerquote]Yet, it wasn’t what French VCs were looking for.[/tc_writerquote]

This is probably the most interesting part of the seed round — finding a VC firm that was willing to invest in Bunkr…

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