Why We Can’t Forget About Dre


The potential acquisition of Beats by Apple has captured the public imagination. Though it is not yet official, we’ve spent all weekend making jokes about it on Twitter, shocked at Andre Romelle Young’s uncharacteristic confirmation of the buy, joking that Forbes should change its list because he’s now a billionaire, for some reason.

Quite honestly, part of the appeal of this story is that it’s refreshing: We’re used to all these faux humble acquisition tweets from startup founders and Dr. Dre’s like, “Gimme my money!”

Some (reaching for yet another Dr.Dre post, because they’re more fun than what tech reporters usually cover) have pinned this fascination on racism. I don’t think so. Dr. Dre and his partner Jimmy Iovine are examples of a caste of atypical tech founders, entrepreneurs and leaders that are becoming all the more typical. People from the worlds of fashion and art, designers and marketers…

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