The Horrors of Banjo-Kazooie


Image by Flickr User: Justin Taylor

Banjo-Kazooie is a bright and sunny game, we all know that, we all accept that. However, upon closer inspection I’ve realized the game could (maybe should) have been terrifying to those of us who played it as young children. It’s all there, and out of the game’s sunny context, all so very creepy!

Living Killer Ice Cubes with Googly-Eyes!

Those eyes, always staring straight ahead. Unblinking, unfazed by the pained whimpers of the creatures it crushes under its icy mass. Don’t look too deeply into those eyes, else you be left just as cold and broken as each of its victims.

A Giant Rusting Metal Shark With Razor-Sharp Innards!

The perfect machine for disposing of anything its dark master considers trash. It’s insides a festering mass of tainted water and spiraling death. How long until this mechanized hunter embraces its true nature as a hulking…

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