Not all ad blockers are the same. Here’s why the EFF’s Privacy Badger is different


It would be great if internet users could tell the websites they visit that they don’t want to be tracked by advertising groups unrelated to the webpage they’re viewing. In fact, in 2009, a group wrote a standard so that web browsers could do just that. But the standard was poorly adopted because many of the biggest advertising companies on the internet aren’t crazy about such an idea. There wasn’t a real enforcement mechanism — until the Electronic Frontier Frontier released Privacy Badger, which lets users opt out of tracking across the internet.

Privacy Badger, an extension for Firefox and Chrome, disallows cookies from certain third-party domains. When someone clicks on a site, they request information from domains that aren’t necessarily the site they asked to visit; that’s just the way hypertext — the “HT” in “HTTP” — works. For instance, if a blog has an embedded Facebook Like button, that…

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