Microsoft Buys Mobile App Management Platform Capptain, Will Integrate It Into Azure

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Back to Life…

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Personal Data Organizer Mustbin Raises $1.5 Million More, Adds Secure Messaging

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Square hunts for blood with Capital, a new cash advance program

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Bethesda brings out buckets of blood with Battlecry online team action combat game (hands-on preview)

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Fashion Spotlight: Def Loki and Winter Soldier Rises for Loki & Winter Soldier fans

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Ript Apparel has two designs today for fans of Loki and the Winter Soldier. Def Loki and Winter Soldier Rises from JuanFoo and CoinboxTees will be for sale on May 28, 2014 only!

Def Loki by JuanFoo

Def Loki

Winter Soldier Rises by CoinboxTees

Winter Soldier Rises

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Cosmic Deflation: Doubts Raised Over Blockbuster Big Bang Study


It was just weeks ago that astronomers announced a major, double-barreled discovery: using a super-sensitive microwave telescope known as BICEP2, they had seen evidence of gravity waves that roiled the cosmos before it was a billionth of a trillionth of a second old. That was part one; part two was that the observed gravity waves strongly confirmed the theory of cosmic inflation—that the entire universe went into warp overdrive, expanding faster than the speed of light for the tiniest fraction of a second.

It was Nobel-level work, no doubt about it—provided it was true. But from the moment it was announced at a high-profile press conference, outside scientists had their doubts. There was reason to suspect, they said, that the Harvard-led team might actually have detected nothing more exciting than interstellar dust in the Milky Way. And now a paper expected to go online today, written by Raphael Flauger…

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